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Gapped, overlapped, or crooked teeth can detract from a beautiful smile and negatively impact overall oral health and function.​

Orthodontics can treat a range of tooth and jaw misalignment issues to produce a more attractive smile.

At My Mouth Dental/My Kidz Mouth Dental in Rowlett, TX, our doctors offer Fastbraces to quickly and effectively transform your smile.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Improved Aesthetics

Everyone desires a beautiful smile. There have even been research studies conducted which revealed that individuals with straight, beautiful smiles are viewed as more successful at work and in their personal lives. Orthodontic procedures gently shift the teeth into their proper positions over time making the smile more balanced and symmetrical. Give your appearance – and your confidence – a boost with orthodontics in Rowlett, TX.

Improved Health

A straight smile is a healthy smile. When the teeth are in alignment, they are far easier to clean. Overlapped or crooked dentition make it difficult to brush and floss properly, increasing the risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Furthermore, malocclusion can lead to more serious issues such as bite problems and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). For this reason, orthodontists recommend treatment for both your health and aesthetic goals.

Improved Function

A misaligned smile can lead to a host of dental issues, such as speech problems and bite issues. When the smile is properly aligned, overall oral function is enhanced. Orthodontic appliances help correct common issues such as overbites, underbites, and cross bites so patients can chew, eat, and speak more effectively. Dr. Montoya can help determine if Fastbraces is the most appropriate technique for you.

Learn more about orthodontics with Fastbraces at our Rowlett, TX office...

Benefits of Orthodontics with Fastbraces vs. Traditional Braces

Less Discomfort

Fastbraces result in less discomfort than braces because they don't require painful tightening. The technique moves each tooth gently and allows the bone to grow as the movement takes place. In fact, the majority of our patients do not complain about any discomfort!

Quicker Results

Fastbraces can achieve results faster than traditional braces, and results can be achieved in approximately eight to 12 months. The elbow shaped brackets increases the space between brackets and improves the flexibility of the wire, allowing the root to move with the crown right from the start of treatment. These mechanics are what speed up the treatment process.

Safer Technique

This breakthrough technology was developed by Dr. Anthony Viazis and it earned him a seat at the Advisory Board of Harvard School of Dental Medicine. This technique grows bone as the teeth move into place, greatly improving the safety of orthodontic treatment and reducing the risk of bone resorption.

Lower Cost

This treatment requires fewer visits to the orthodontist or dental office because the treatment time is so much shorter than traditional braces. In many cases, this reduce the cost of treatment, not to mention that it saved you time in the long run.

Dramatic Transformation with Fastbraces

Before treatment
After treatment
This patient achieved a more beautiful smile with Fastbraces.

Schedule an Orthodontic Appointment Today

If dental misalignment is affecting your health, function, or confidence, perhaps it is time to schedule an appointment with a dentist or orthodontist. Dr. Jose Montoya offers Fastbraces at our Rowlett, TX, practice, which can comfortably straighten your teeth in as little as six months.

To learn more, or to schedule an orthodontic appointment, contact us online anytime or give us a call at:

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Dr. Jose Montoya and team

Fastbraces Patient: "Highly Recommend to Anyone in Need of Braces"


ashley hobbs


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I’m very happy with the results of the fast braces that dr.montoya did for me. Only had them on for about 8 months,it would have been a year or more with normal braces. The Faculty members are very friendly and professional. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of braces.

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Madelaine Carroll


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I LOVE My Mouth My Kidz Dental! Dr. Ramsey and her wonderful staff are so friendly and are awesome with the kids! They are very thorough with the kids, and  spend time addressing concerns. Linda at the front desk is so helpful and understanding. I won’t go anywhere else for my kids’ dental visits. Thank you My Mouth My Kidz Dental!

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Find out why orthodontists recommend Fastbraces for patients of all ages...

Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is not just for kids. Kids, teens, and adults alike can enjoy the benefits of straighter, healthier teeth. In fact, today, one in five orthodontic patients is an adult. Proper dental alignment promotes optimal health and function, preserving your smile for many years to come. If you are an adult considering orthodontics, our knowledgeable team can determine if Fastbraces is right for you at our Rowlett, TX, practice.

Diagram of teeth with and without braces

Conditions Treated by Fastbraces

Orthodontists recommend Fastbraces to correct a wide range of alignment issues. Some of the most common include:


One of the most common alignment issues, an overbite occurs when the upper teeth excessively overlap the lower teeth. This is often due to an overdeveloped upper jaw or an underdeveloped lower jaw.


Sometimes referred to as a "bulldog bite", an underbite is characterized by lower teeth that overlap the upper teeth. This condition is typically caused by an overdeveloped lower jaw or an underdeveloped upper jaw.


A crossbite occurs when one or more teeth in a dental arch are too close to the tongue or the cheek. In other words, it is a lateral misalignment of the two dental arches.

Open Bites

If the front teeth do not come together properly when the jaw is in a closed position, it is called an open bite. This condition is less common than many others, but should be treated to maintain optimal health and function.


Sometimes the jaw is not large enough to appropriately accommodate the teeth. This results in crowding or overlapping, which makes the teeth extremely difficult to clean.


An overjet is often confused with an overbite. However, while an overbite is a problem with the jawbone, an overjet occurs when the front teeth alone protrude too far outward. This condition may be due to genetics or developmental habits such as thumb-sucking.

Gaps and Spaces

Gaps between the teeth are typically caused by too much space in the jaw. Orthodontic treatment can close down these spaces, prevent gum issues, and make the smile more attractive.

Orthodontics Candidates

Good Dental Health

Virtually anyone who wishes to improve their dental alignment can qualify for orthodontics at our practice. To be considered for this type of treatment, patients must be in good oral and overall health. Therefore, you must not have severe tooth decay or gum disease. These issues can seriously impede the success of treatment.

Restorative Dentistry

If you have significant issues, your dentist or orthodontist will speak with you about restorative treatments. This may include dental fillingsroot canal, or periodontal therapy. Once optimal oral health is reestablished, we can discuss your orthodontic options and schedule a visit at our Rowlett, TX, practice.

The Fastbraces Treatment Process


The first step is to attend an appointment at our practice so we can determine if Fastbraces is the right orthodontic treatment for your needs.

Placement of the Brackets and Wire

The brackets and wire are placed on the teeth.

Routine Appointments

We will have you come in for routine appointments so we can monitor your progress and tighten your wire if needed.

Removal of the Brackets and Wire

After 120 to 180 days, we will remove the brackets and wire so you can experience the benefits of having straight and beautiful teeth.

"I Absolutely Love This Place"


Jennifer Leff


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Both my kids love Dr. Ramsey and couldn't be happier.  We have been coming here for a few years now and are extremely happy!  I see Dr. Montoya and he is also very great and have been extremely happy with the entire office since day one.  Give them a chance and you won't regret it!

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Eunice Taguinod


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I’ve been coming here for a little over 4 years and I absolutely love this place. Shalena the dental hygienists always remembers all the small details that matter to me. Dr. Montoya is very thorough and he always has a smile! He makes you feel comfortable and explains everything in detail.

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