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If your infant has difficulty breastfeeding, they may have a tight frenum. This condition can lead to additional problems in the future.

A frenectomy is a procedure that can improve an infant's ability to breastfeed and offer a host of additional benefits for life.

Dr. Ashley Ramsey in Rowlett, TX, uses the latest laser technology to perform safe and comfortable frenectomies.

What Is the Frenum?


The frenum, also called the frenulum, is binding tissue that can be found in the mouth. The labial frenum connects the upper lip to the gum tissue above the front teeth. The lingual frenum connects the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. The frena provide stability to the upper lip, lower lip, and tongue, but if they are too tight, problems can arise.

What Is a Frenectomy?


A frenectomy in our Rowlett, TX, office uses a soft tissue laser to alter a frenum that is too tight or restrictive. This procedure is often recommended for affected infants because the condition can cause difficulty with breastfeeding. It can also lead to other problems like speech difficulty, dental decay, and digestive problems later in life.

The Procedure Timeline

A frenectomy for your infant will consist of these steps:

A frenectomy is a holistic treatment that can have benefits on a person's physical, mental, and emotional state for the rest of their life.
A frenectomy is a holistic treatment that can have benefits on a person's physical, mental, and emotional state for the rest of their life.


You must first meet with our pediatric dentist in our Rowlett, TX, office. Dr. Ramsey will examine your baby's frenum and determine if they could benefit from a frenectomy.

Pain Management

It's recommended that parents give their child Tylenol or another pain medication to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Our dentist may also apply a topical anesthetic to the frenum and the surrounding tissue.

Soft Tissue Laser

Our dentist will use a soft tissue laser to carefully and precisely alter the frenum. Parents are not permitted in the room during the procedure, but it only takes about 10 minutes and the laser portion of the treatment lasts about 30 to 45 seconds.


Your infant's tongue will be able to move freely or their upper lip will not be pressed against their teeth. Treatment with a soft tissue laser requires no sutures, so you can take your infant home right after the procedure.

Recovering From a Frenectomy

Because our Rowlett, TX, dentists use gentle techniques and a soft tissue laser to perform frenectomies, recovery should be fast and comfortable. Some simple things you can do to aid in a successful recovery include:

Keep the Area Clean

Keep the area around the frenum clean and make sure no food remains near the treatment site. Be sure to keep up with your baby's regular dental care.

Practice Stretches

The mouth heals quickly, and the frenulum can reattach, so stretches are integral to the healing process. We recommend using clean hands to stretch the upper lip or tongue every four hours for four weeks. Our dental team will give you detailed instructions after your baby's frenectomy.

Attend Appointments

You will have to return to our dentistry office in Rowlett, TX, for follow-up appointments. Our dentist will examine the treatment site to ensure there are no complications and the area is healing properly.

Frenectomies and Orthodontics


Though our Texas dental practice typically performs frenectomies on infants, it is often performed on children prior to receiving orthodontics. A frenulum that is too short or too long can cause the jaw or teeth to become displaced even after undergoing orthodontic treatment, so a frenectomy is often advised. This can help ensure the success of this dentistry treatment and maintain your child's straight teeth into adulthood.

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