It is not uncommon for pediatric patients to have anxiety in advance of a dental appointment. Sedation dentistry can help put these patients at ease, making a visit to the dentist far less traumatic.

Unlike the alternative of general anesthesia, which puts anxious patients to sleep so that they can tolerate dental procedures, sedation dentistry allows patients to remain conscious throughout the visit. When patients are conscious, although deeply relaxed, they are still able to respond to the dentist’s commands.
Patients can endure longer sessions in the office when they undergo sedation. Some sedatives also have an amnesic effect, erasing memories of the procedure after the medication’s effects wear off. Sedatives can be delivered in numerous ways. They can be inhaled, as is the case with nitrous oxide or "laughing gas". They can be administered orally or they can be delivered intravenously.

Sedation is recognized to be a safe, effective intervention for pediatric dental patients. IV sedation is administered to My Kidz Dental patients by an anesthesiologist.

Even patients without dental anxiety sometimes choose sedation so that a lengthy, complex procedure can be completed in fewer appointments.

Dr. Ramsey is also available to work on cases in a hospital or surgery center setting, utilizing general anesthesia.

Rest assured that we make your child’s comfort a priority. We also take steps to ensure his or her safety while under the influence of the sedatives. Our experienced team of dental professionals monitors patients for signs of problems after the medication is administered.

If fear of the dentist has led to temper tantrums or a refusal to undergo needed treatments, contact our office to learn more about sedation dentistry options.
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