Children’s teeth may decay or become damaged from injury or trauma. When a tooth deteriorates, a pediatric dentist can step in and use dental restorations to save the tooth.

Restorative dentistry is an important area of care for pediatric patients. Preserving the natural teeth during childhood can set the stage for good oral health well into the adult years.

The category of restorative dentistry includes a number of different treatments.

Fillings are likely the most common restorative procedure for children. Our practice offers composite fillings that blend in with the tooth’s natural coloring and will not affect the appearance of your child’s smile. These composite materials are durable and can be used in almost any cavity.

If the tooth’s pulp or nerve tissue is damaged or diseased, then a root canal or pulpotomy may be necessary. Yes, even children may need root canals, although we rely on special techniques to make this experience as comfortable as possible for our patients.

Other restorative interventions include crowns, which may be placed when a child’s tooth is chipped or cracked, and space maintainers to encourage proper positioning of the teeth.

These restorative procedures may be used on permanent teeth or primary (" baby") teeth. These treatments are especially encouraged in baby teeth that must stay in place for a certain length of time to prevent problems with the eruption of the permanent teeth.

Regardless of the restorative treatment provided, our team of dental professionals takes care to make children feel comfortable while they’re in our office. We give them information in terms that they can understand and prepare them for the sensations they may feel during treatment.

Healthy, functional teeth go a long way in promoting a child’s overall well-being. Parents of children with damaged or decayed teeth should contact our office to learn what restorative treatment options are available.
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